Texas Tiny Cuties - Tiny to Extra Tiny puppy's
                              LOOKING FOR A DEAL ON A " TEACUP" PUPPY ??
You maybe setting yourself up for a lot of problems. Looking for a low price tiny or as most call it "teacup" puppy? Can turn out to be the highest price puppy you have ever own.
Most breeders receive many phone calls and emails a day from people that are looking for a good deal on a "teacup". They make it easy for some breeders or just people who sale puppy's to tell you just what you want to here. But when it comes down to it, you may get a cheap puppy with a lot of problems to follow. Just beware if it sounds to good to be true it maybe.
If someone guarantee size something might be wrong.. They are not God.. Look at both parents. Look at the size of their face, feet and body build.. Be reasonable about what your looking for. Do not think a 4 or 5 pound dog is a large dog they are still small.. A " teacup" comes with a lot of special care... I KNOW
With the economy down some people are doing anything to sale puppies and take your money. Make sure you know what your looking at. Your heart may get in the way. Just be smart in what your doing. Some people are passing off under age puppy s saying they are "teacups" If someone is willing to give you a "teacup" at 6wks something is wrong..
Make sure a Vet has put hands on your puppy.
Most people try to do all their own Vetting to save money. Really if you do breeding the right way you do not make a lot of money.. I feel if a Vet checks your puppy you have a better chance of buying a healthy happy pup. Remember there is nothing such as a perfect puppy or a Health Guarantee...
If someone wants to meet on the side of the road or a store, gas station.. Or trying to rush you into buying..Beware... Make plans to visit your Breeder at their home.. Ask questions and take your time looking at the pups.
I hope this helps everyone when going and looking for that special family member.. Even if you do not purchase a puppy from me..
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