Texas Tiny Cuties - Tiny to Extra Tiny puppy's
Please make sure your Choosing a breed that fits into your life style. Make sure you have time to spend daily. A new puppy is like a baby. There will be a big adjustment period between the first few days up to a week. Set a routine.
Being in breeding and rescue for more than most my life. I have seen a lot. Nothing is worse then to find yourself with an unwanted pet or one you can not control. 
Also please do not think that buying a cute little puppy is a good gift. It can be a nightmare if your not ready.  Please do not think you can just buy a puppy and work 8 to 10 hours a day and leave him or her a lone. Your puppy like a child needs to have someone to hold them, love them, talk to them and train them. You only get out of your Pet what you put in to him or her. Training is the key. What ever you start with them sets the pace for the rest of their life's.  Caged/ Kennel puppies have the most behavior problems. Not talking about the ones who use for training or short term kennel.. The ones who stay 8 to 10 hours a day.  Harder to train and have anxiety issues. Some even fear bite.  
The tiny breeds need a lot of special attention. Someone needs to be there more than away. Please remember a "purse puppy" is not a prop it is a special gift and we need to treat all animals with the respect and love they deserve.
If you choose a puppy from me you will be asked questions and sign a contract. If for some reason in the puppies life time. No matter what age or health you must return him or her back to me. If you can not keep him or her.  I have a responsible for each and ever puppy that has ever been born at my home, rescued, or co owned.  And it does happen. It is ok I understand. Life can have many changes.  Small and tiny Breeds are not for everyone. No for small children. Not good for a impulse buy. No for rough play or large dogs.   We start socializing our puppies at the beginning to ensure a better start.     Good Nutrition is the Key
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